School of Design Printing and Plotting

School of Design Printing and Plotting

Welcome to the PennDesign Printing and Plotting Tutorial Course.  Here you will find reference guides and instructional documentation on accessing and using the printers and plotters here at PennDesign.  We hope that you will take advantage of the resources provided here, in order to help understand and follow the workflow involved in using our printers and plotters.  

This course also provides a Printing and Plotting Quiz, which we use to make sure that you are familiar with our printing and plotting infrastructure before granting you access to the large format plotters.  The quiz must be completed before access will be granted to the plotters. Please email, once you complete the quiz!

We have two goals for mandating this tutorial. First, to create a workflow that will ensure that we are optimizing limited resources, and that we are processing high volumes of files as efficiently as possible. Second, that by requiring this tutorial you completely understand the workflow that will save you time and money.

Once you pass the quiz you will be granted access to the plotters, and we don’t require you to take the tutorial again. BUT, this course will always be available for reference, along with extensive information about plotting, media types, and costs on our Printing Webpage. We also welcome your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments and ideas!

Course Guide

Home - This is the Welcome page.  Here you will find the mission statement of the course, as well as a navigational guide, and relevant contact information for the IT team here at PennDesign.

Pages - This is where you can find a categorized list of quick reference guides to help you through the printing process.

Files - This is where you can find instructional guides for more complicated tasks, and a series of best practices, in downloadable PDF format.

Assignments - This is where you can find the Printing and Plotting Quiz, which must be completed before access to the large format plotters is granted to you.


Contact Us

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By Phone - 215-573-9900


**More information on printing at PennDesign, including a complete and up to date list of all of our printers and their currently loaded media types, can be found on our Printing Page on the PennDesign website.

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